Become a Sidekick Affiliate Partner

Become a Sidekick Affiliate Partner

Become our partner and drive your business to the next level !

  • What is a Sidekick Affiliate Program?
    Sidekick’s Affiliate Program is a renowned platform with intent to create a market that provides benefits to the clients as well as the service providers.
  • You will be paid a commission based on the traffic you send to our platform.
  • Affiliate programs consist of professional who are called affiliates, that require a separate login portal to access their links, performance stats and commissions.
  • The Affiliate program was designed primarily to reward website owners, social media influencers, content creators, promoters, and anyone else who has access to a new audience interested in using Sidekick. The Referral program allows current Sidekick users (both buyers and service providers) to refer their friends and coworkers to Sidekick and be compensated for their friends’ first payment.
  • You get paid when your referral client signup and
  • Sign up by clicking here ( link on word “here” ). If you meet the eligibility requirements, we will review your application and approve it.

Types of Affiliate :

Vetted Professional Affiliate for Partner Program:
These will be the professionals that will be working for our exclusive partners. Affiliates will be given many rewards and privileges by which they can earn and grow their business.

Affiliate Vetted Professionals:
These Affiliates will be given certification on the behalf of Sidekick. They will get recognition in the market. Our certified Affiliates will provide their services to our exclusive partners.

Types of Affiliate image

Affiliate Program

Sidekick provides a unique affiliate dedicated professional program for their professional where they can get guaranteed huge work from sidekick partners. On top of work guarantee from sidekick partners they can also earn handsome commission from their client for other professional tasks which are assigned to other professionals at the sidekick network.

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Joining our affiliate program allows you to form valuable partnerships and get your company's name out there with hand-picked qualified individuals.

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