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Professionals can expect to find new clients from every corner of Pakistan and even abroad. Our tech-tools make it easy to deliver Professional Services remotely. Our Platform takes care of invoicing and collections, giving you more time to dedicate to your profession.

We use our on-the-ground network to invite well-reputed Professionals onto the Sidekick Platform to cover practice areas that our clients need most. Professionals are fully vetted before they’re allowed to join Sidekick. Our rating and review system is fully transparent, giving clients the power to rate Professionals on Speed, Quality and Value for Money. Professionals who do not meet out clients’ expectations may be removed from the Sidekick Platform.

Join Us in Our Mission to Streamline the Delivery of Professional Services! If you’re searching for new ways to help others and expand your practice, we’d love to hear from you.

Sidekick Helps Professionals…

Connect with
new clients

Engage with new clients through the Sidekick Platform. Sidekick is open to clients from every corner of Pakistan and Abroad

Find New Revenue Streams

We’re not stuck in a one location.
Expose your practice to new revenue streams
via our Online Platform

Faster payments and collections

Invoice through the Sidekick Platform. We are responsible for collections. Get paid promptly on completing an engagement.

Portal and Apps

Streamline communication and engagement with clients using our online portal and iOS and Android Apps. Everything is streamlined on our portal and Apps making record-keeping a breeze.

It’s Never Too Late to Connect, Engage and Resolve.
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