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Partner Program

We are providing B2B services. Our partners are very important to us because they will be promised with quality work in cheaper deals. Every partner in our network will be provided with exclusive deals. We have created a partner program that ensures service delivery and helps you in getting rewards. With the help of its team, sidekick has become the best forum for legal services and consultancy.

Types of Partnership

There are two ways by which you can connect with our network

Exclusive Partners

These partners will be connected with us and use our services directly. They will be given all the perks.we will make sure that with the help of our Affiliates we will help our exclusive partners to grow their business at exponential rate. 

Affiliate Network Partners

These partners will be part of the network as lead generator for Professionals. They will be paid on job based per assignment on lead conversion bases. 


Why work as Exclusive Partners?

Get reward

If you choose to become our partners, you will get rewards like opportunity to connect with professionals, discount rates, cheaper deals than market along with quality assurance will be provided.

Priority Customer Services

We prioritize our tasks and to provide our customers with services are the number one goal. We can assure you that you will be handled very professionally in our network.

Flexible Rate

We can provide our partners with flexible rates as compared to the market and other platforms. Rates will be adjusted in a way that it will be profitable for both our partners and Affiliates.

Innovative Solutions

Your workload becomes ours when you connect with us. We are open to discussion with our partners and to give them innovative solutions to their problems so they can stand out in their competitors.

Uplift revenue Stream

Being a part of network you will get more face recognition of your brand. Choose your path to grow your business with Sidekick.

International Business Links

Through our network you will get opportunity to build international links and grow your business. These links will help our partners to get recognized and generate revenue in future.

Part of Network as an Affiliate Marketing Partner

Join our growing partner community to receive exclusive deals and other benefits.

Service Automation

The service delivery process at Sidekick is completely automated.

Backed by professionals

Sidekick is supported by a team of professionals and experts who are always available to assist you.

Secure online signatures

By utilizing specific signature technology, we provide the highest level of security.

We take security seriously

We take security precautions to protect your information.

Rewards for Business going through Partnership

Creative platform that excel in providing first-class professionals


It will help our professionals lead generation. With our network, they will be able to create brand awareness. Significant increase in revenues along with increase in number of clients.


Startups will get help from professionals to grow their business. They will get recognized through our network.


Clients will get a chance to get their work done through trained professionals. They will get one click board services


Non-Profit organizations can also join our partner community. Our Professionals will give them services cheaper than the market rates.


Lead Generation through
Partner Program

Sidekick will give lead generation opportunities to their potential partners. We will give them different offers and deals that will help their businesses to grow exponentially.

Other Ways to Partner with Sidekick

Training Partner Program

Sidekick ensures proper training to its affiliates and support team in order to increase sales, provide solutions and help in making strategies to grow business. Sidekick provides tools and resources to its partners to help them succeed.

Professional Affiliate Partner Program

Professionals on board in this network providing services for clients can be a part of partner program they can register themselves as affiliate marketing partner third party for services lead generation and can earn commission through this module.

The Partner Benefits

Top Rated Vetted Professional Expertise On Discounted Rate

Being a part of an exclusive partner you will receive vetted professional expertise on discounted rates without compromising on quality. We will assign only trusted and top rated professionals on your case through B2B and dedicated BDM model.

Dedicated BDM And Central Communication Point

We assign dedicated BDM for your project and being a part of an exclusive partner you will receive extra dedicated customer service through the network and complaints handling process will be more enhanced than open network.

Dedicated IT Infrastructure And B2B Model In Services Operation

Our exclusive partners will get filtered professionals for their queries through our dedicated IT infrastructure. Your dedicated Business Development Manager will make sure only top rated and trusted professionals will get these Queries through the system for exclusive partners.

Types of Corporate Restructuring of Business

Exclusive Partners

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners

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