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Corporate and Business Finance

How do you raise investment and financing for small and medium businesses (SMEs) and start-ups?

Just like big corporate businesses, small and medium sized businesses require money to run, expand and develop further. Owners of these business entities, like a company or partnership, will always need additional injection of cash at different stages of the business cycle, whether it is newly opened, in early stages of operation or after it is commercially established.


Financial requirements vary according to the type, size and stage of the business and gaining access to the needed funds is referred to as “financing”. Financing is needed for making a business profitable and sustainable. Without access to affordable finance, businesses are financially handicapped which makes it harder for them to get up and running and grow in size.


In Pakistan, the main sources of business financing is through debt financing and equity investment, while certain targeted Government incentives and schemes are also available. Debt financing can be further looked at in terms of traditional conventional banking and the alternatives of Islamic and microfinance banking.