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Incorporation of Private Limited Companies

How do I sign up for SECP eServices?

Signing up for SECP’s eServices system is a simple and easy process. However, a new user MUST have an authenticated mobile phone number which is linked to NADRA’s CNIC database – this NADRA linkage is done automatically by biometric verification at the time of receiving a SIM card for a mobile number. 


The sign-up process for eServices is as follows:


  1. On the eServices website, the option to sign up as a new user is given on the right-hand side, either as a Pakistani national or as a foreign national. 


  1. The User Registration Form is required to be filled and submitted with the following information required:
  • Full name, gender and date of birth (must match official NADRA records);
  • Father or spouse full name;
  • Current and permanent address;
  • Phone number (must be verified with NADRA through biometric);
  • Email address;
  • CNIC (for Pakistani nationals) or Passport Number (for Foreign nationals, who are further required to provide attested passport and photograph).


  1. After input of two separate authentication codes (received on mobile number and email address), the SECP automatically emails the PIN for the eServices account. This PIN is required for authenticating electronically submitted documents (such as the incorporation applications and all form filings). 


NOTE: It is because of this PIN that separate witness signatures are not required for online filing through eServices, as per the ETO 2002.


  1. You can then login to eServices through your login ID (your CNIC) and chosen password.


  1. eServices account must be made for each promoter / subscriber (i.e. the first directors) of the Company to be formed. 


  1. The User registration fee is PKR 100/- which is paid at the time of documents submissions for later Processes.


After this short step, the eServices account is up and running.