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Accounting and business compliance services in Pakistan [2023]

Simplifying your business requirements isn’t just our job, but our ethos. A well-maintained accounting and compliance system can help your company cut accounting costs and track its financial progress.
With us, accounting and business compliance become as easy as A-B-C!....

How Does Accounting And Business Compliance Work? with

We at Sidekick provide accounting and business compliance services to keep you up to date on costs, bad debts, overheads, and profitability. Here's how we can relieve you of any accounting and bookkeeping concerns:

We collect & verify all your documents and obtain the DSCs of the directors

step # 01

We address all your queries and draft the required documents.

step # 02

We take care of all your filings and deliver all your documents by courier.

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Bookkeeping is a very vast project in the overall accounting services in any business. The implementation of a fully Computerized Accounting System can take months that can further be extended based on degree of complexity as well as size of business. Purchasing accounting software is costly and professional staff is required to run it.

SidekickVenture (Pvt) Limited (SDK) presents the best accounting and bookkeepingservices to all types of business structures operating in various fields. We aim to help all bookkeeping solutions of a company from employee hiring to financial reporting. Our clients can concentrate on the business growth instead of managing payroll and bank reconciliations. With the advancement in the FBR & SECP regulations, it is also mandatory to keep all records for a period of 5-10 years, depending upon the case. Wasting money on paper and ink is useless; hire Sidekick to outsource the accurate bookkeeping services throughout Pakistan.

We have a team of expert accountants who can make a customized bookkeeping package for you as per your requirements. From supervision of your company’s accounts section to the payroll management, we can provide outsourced bookkeeping services in Pakistan in the affordable rates. Sensitive and vital company information is accessed by bookkeepers; therefore, it is very important that you work with such outsourced company that protects your data security and privacy rights.

Sidekick guarantees you that your personal information and business accounting data is safe in our hands. We also provide excel based accounting software to or clients that are cost effective and can be handled by anyone without having any expertise. We can also modify the features of full-charge online bookkeeping program as per your requirements in the business industry of Pakistan.


Budgeting: It assists organization's in efficiently controlling the company's income and expenditure while monitoring managerial policies and goals.

Evaluating the Business's Performance: Helps in measuring the performance of the business in terms of key measures such as net profit, sales growth, and so on.

Managing Cash Flow: Keeping track of the money that comes into the business on a regular basis helps in projecting patterns, paying employees and suppliers, repaying debts, etc.

Financial Information to Investors and Stakeholders: Investors will gain a better understanding of the business's financial health, including its solvency, creditworthiness, liquidity, stock, and bond issuers.

Mandatory by law: In Pakistan, the Registrar of Companies requires a strict record of income tax payments at the end of the year, failing which companies may face additional taxes or fines.

If you are a Sole Proprietor or running a Company in Pakistan, you need a detailed bookkeeper for your business. Hiring a bookkeeper online can offer lots of challenges to you because of much wider choice in the market. Sidekick has more relevant and highly qualified team of professionals who offers the accurate bookkeeping services online in Pakistan for the most competitive price. the scope of our services include following bookkeeping services in Pakistan that can be availed in daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, half-yearly and annual basis. Choose the perfect package plan as per your business requirements from our given list of bookkeeping services in Pakistan:

    General Ledger Accounting & Bookkeeping.
    Accounts Receivable Management.
    Accounts Payable Management.
    Bank/Cash Reconciliation.
    Banking & Credit Card Activity Checks.
    Payroll Processing& Bookkeeping.
    Sales Tax Bookkeeping.
    Profit And Loss Statement Bookkeeping.
    Income Tax Bookkeeping.
    Inventory Control Management.
    Fixed Assets Management.
    Receipts and Disbursements Management.
    Preparation of Financial Statements.
    Accounts Reconciliations / Bank Reconciliations / Credit Card
    Financial Transactions Record-keeping.
    Financial Statements & Custom Reporting.
    Review and Updates Statements.
    Tracking Sales, Expenses and Profits Bookkeeping.
    Creation and Sending Unlimited Invoices.
    Management and Payment of Bills.
    Creation of Sales Quotes Invoices.
    Balance Sheet Generation and Review.
    Creation of Purchase Order Bookkeeping.
    Transaction in Multiple Currencies.
    Time Tracking & Job Cost Reporting.
    Working Capital Management.
    Material Requirement Planning.
    Work in process (WIP).
    Records Keeping According To FBR & SECP Protocol.

    Works On Pc, Mobile & Mac.


Process of Filing Annual Compliance

The mandatory compliances that most businesses must meet are as follows. At, our qualified chartered accountants, accounting and taxation professionals, and company secretaries will handle all your compliance needs. We offer the best-in-class legal consultation for your company. Our team will cover the following compliance requirements as mandated by the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

Facilitation of meetings of board of directors:

The first meeting must be conducted within 30 days of incorporating a business after which four meetings shall be held every quarter in a calendar year. There should not be more than 120 days between two consecutive meetings.

Preparation of the minutes of proceedings of meeting:

Every company needs to file its minutes of the meetings and they shall be preserved permanently to add value in case of any dispute. The meeting minutes are to be maintained at the registered office.

Issuance of share certificates:

The company is required to issue a share certificate to the subscribers of the memorandum within 60 days of incorporation.

Filing of disclosures of directors’ interests and declarations of disqualification:

In the first board meeting, all the directors are required to make disclosures about their interests in other business entities.

Filing declarations of commencement of business with the SECP:





mandatorily needs to be filed within 180 days of incorporation.

Facilitation of annual general meetings:

A company shall conduct at least one AGM each year. The first AGM shall be held within nine months from the closing of the first financial year of the company. In other cases, it shall be within six months from the closing of the financial year.

Annual company returns need to be filed with the SECP within 60 days of the conclusion of the AGM.

Quarterly compliance:

Every company must hold a minimum of four meetings of its board of directors, that is, at least one board meeting every quarter of the calendar year.

Statutory Obligations After Registration

After registration of your foreign company in Pakistan, you will be required to follow the below statutory obligations. But there is no need to worry, Push digits Chartered Accountants will not only help in the registration process but also assist you with all the ongoing procedures.

1.Maintain registers of directors, officers, Pakistani members, and debenture-holders,
2.Keep the registers open to inspection by the relevant authorities,
3.Maintain the company’s name and incorporation country name in all the important documents (letters, notices, documents, advertisements, etc.)
4.State in every prospectus, letter, official publication that the liability of the members is limited,
5.File with the registrar, the following documents, within 45 days of submission to the authorities of the country of origin or 6 months from the date of the relevant accounts:
    Form 45,
    Annual audited accounts,
    List of Pakistani debenture-holders and members,
    Global audited accounts,
6.Changes or alterations in the particulars of returns and documents submitted at the time of registration must be notified to the registrar within 30 days.

Liquidation Procedure for the Foreign Company

When your foreign company will go into liquidation in the country of its incorporation, you will be required to proceed with the following steps. In this too, Push digits will be your guide to an easy exit:

1.Give a notice within 30 days to the registrar,
2.Publish a notice in at least two daily newspapers having circulation in the place(s) of business,
3.Furnish all returns and documents relating to liquidation to the registrar,
4.In every notice, letter, document etc. state the fact the company is being liquidated in the country of incorporation.

Ring us up for further inquiries or queries. Push digits will be happy to help you through!

Integrated Business Services wants everything to work seamlessly for you, and we can tailor all our services to deliver customized solutions that work for your business.

    On Site and Virtual Bookkeeping & Accounting enables every business, no matter how small or large, to benefit from the savings of not employing full-time accounting staff. Remember, you can save up to 80% of your accountancy costs by using

    A CFO may be something you feel your company would benefit from, but you think the cost is prohibitive. Not anymore, offers you a virtual CFO to analyze your data and offer guidance on advancing your business, which gives you the same advantages enjoyed by large companies.

    Sidekick offers a wide range of local tax consultancy services.
    Audit and assurance services.
    New company formation.
    Feasibility studies for mergers and acquisitions and business valuations for sales or purchases.

The Benefits size gives you access to a wide range of expertise and disciplines, which will always cost less than using a local provider.
    We can handle all your accounting and bookkeeping services in one place.
    You’ll receive routine & relevant reporting, so you always be up to date with what is happening in your business, no more weekends at work catching up.
    Sidekick operates 24/7/365, delivering the responses you need, fast.
  We handle everything an in-house accountant does. From payroll, data recording, reports, and the organization required for tax submissions or end of year reporting.

Bookkeeping Features

    Transactions and sales / purchases processing.
    General ledger posting.
    Bank reconciliations.
    Cost center reporting.
    Generation of monthly P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balances, and General Ledgers.

Management Accounting

Accurate, timely management accounts are essential to provide the information to make informed business decisions. They help you manage your cash ?ow efficiently and recognize trends, which will give strength to your decision-making process and advance your business.

Management Reporting Pack Features

    Balance sheet and income statement (with notes).
    Cash flow statement.
    Details on management and other costs.
    Debtors/Creditors analysis.
    Inventory analysis.

Audit Preparation Services

Preparing for a year-end audit is a time-consuming job. Sidekick will handle:

    Preparation of year-end statutory ?nancial statements for audit.
    Lead schedules of Balance sheet accounts in preparation for audit.
    Liaising with your auditors to ensure smooth completion of audit.

Accounting Department Supervision

We protect your financial processes by supervising the accounts section, which includes reporting, recording, monitoring & account management, month-end closing, and so on.

Main Features:

     We rationalize your accounting and administration processes.
  We meet financial accounting criteria by delivering yearly budget data, controlling expenditure, detecting variations, and carrying out remedial action.
   Oversee cash by supervising bank accounts and cash needs, plus investing surplus cash.
    Verifying and approving cheques and electronic transfers.
    Complete all related tasks as required.

Internal Auditing Services

This consulting activity is designed to improve an organization’s operations and consequently add value. It’s a comprehensive, disciplined approach that yields practical suggestions to enhance a company’s value. specialists are focused on bringing you insights and an overview of your whole business, to enable you to tackle the future, head-on with confidence. strives to be a strategic business advisor by focusing on continuous business improvement, assisting you in achieving your business objectives.

Main Features:

    Financial audit and accounting.
    Internal controls.
    Operational audit.

    Risk management.

The Glossary

Balance Sheet

A financial statement that reports on all a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. As suggested by its name, a balance sheet abides by the equation .


Inventory is the term used to classify the assets that a company has purchased to sell to its customers that remain unsold. As these items are sold to customers, the inventory account will lower.


All debts that a company has yet to pay are referred to as liabilities. Common liabilities include accounts payable, payroll, and loans.

Accounting Period

An accounting period is designated in all financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows). The period communicates the span of time that is reported in the statements.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is the term that describes the inflow and outflow of cash in a business. The net cash flow for a period is found by taking the beginning cash balance and subtracting the ending cash balance. A positive number indicates that more cash flowed into the business than out, where a negative number indicates the opposite.


Recording and reporting of financial transactions, including the origination of the transaction, its recognition, processing, and summarization in the financial statements.


Financial plan that serves as an estimate of future cost, revenues or both.

Cash Flows

Net of cash receipts and cash disbursements relating to a particular activity during a specified accounting period.

Cost Accounting

Procedures used for rationally classifying, recording, and allocating current or predicted costs that relate to a certain product or production process.

Income Statement

Summary of the effect of revenues and expenses over a period.


Tangible property held for sale, or materials used in a production process to make a product.


Process of determining the worth of a company’s assets.

Working Capital

Excess of current assets over current liabilities.

FAQs adopts the best practices when it comes to maintaining confidentiality in the data of our customers. We ensure your information is not leaked or disseminated to any third party. Asaan. Return form for TY 2020 will soon be updated  

Although accounting can technically be maintained by anyone, it is highly recommended to avail the assistance of accounting professionals who can maintain the records and help you save a lot of time and effort spent on dealing with everyday bills and transactions There is an advantage in taking the opinion of an expert, such as an agent who can maintain the accounting records as demanded by the income tax, and thus, save you a lot of man hours and the hassles of dealing with daily bills and transactions.

Better accounting practices allow you to analyze complex financial data, generate reports that appropriately include quarterly and year-end closing records, monitor and check taxation concerns and filings, and so on.

Yes, one can submit computerized accounts, too. Now, it is easier to maintain records and all details of financial transactions on designated software or through computerized records, to eliminate any errors and miscalculations.

Yes, if your software is remotely accessible, we can use it. Our experts will login and prepare your accounts after you give us access to your software.

Yes, every company irrespective of the number of transactions must get the compliance filings done. However, the process will be much simpler.

The AGM must be conducted at the registered office of the company or at any other place within the city, town or village wherever the registered office is situated. The meeting should happen during the business hours (9 am-6 pm) on any day that is not a national holiday declared by the central government.

A director must be physically present to attend at least one Board meeting of the company. In absence of the original director, an alternate director may be appointed to attend the meeting. If a director absents himself from all the board meetings of the company, he must be vacated from the office of directorship of the company.

A bookkeeper (sometimes called a bookkeeping clerk) is a professional that assists businesses and other organization's in keeping their financial records organized. They oversee general accounting ledgers, journal entries (transactions), and financial statement generation.

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