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We conduct a thorough search of the TM directory and advice you on TM classes

step # 01

Our experts will collect and verify the necessary documents and file the required forms.

step # 02

You can start using the TM symbol as soon as the application is submitted, and you will receive updates until registration is complete.

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Trademark Registration In Pakistan – An Overview

A trademark can be defined as the unique identity that makes your company, product, or service stand out from the rest. A registered trademark is your business’s intellectual property/ intangible asset. It protects the investment made into creating trust and loyalty among your customers.

The registration provides the right to sue against others who try to copy your trademark and prevents others from using a similar trademark to the one registered by you.

What can you Register?

          What Can You Register As a Trademark?

Many aspects of your brand image can be registered as a trademark. The aspect you need to consider is which aspect of your brand stands out to your customers. Pick that aspect(s) for registering.

1. Name

a. Product Name: You can register a particular product’s name as a trademark. Apple’s iPod is a product name trademark.

b. Business Name: Registering a company name as a trademark is the most common route businesses take. Ex: Uber

c. Person’s Name/Surname: If your name plays an important part in generating revenue, then you can even trademark your name! Ex: Junaid Jamshaid (J.J) has trademarked his name.

d. Abbreviations: Abbreviations of a company or brand name can also be a trademark. Ex: BMW.

2. Logo/Symbol

It is highly recommended to trademark a logo because it visually represents your brand. Your customers can recollect a logo faster than a name. A great example of a logo trademark is the ‘swoosh’ of Nike.

3. Tagline

If you have a tagline for your brand, you can go ahead and trademark that as well. A tagline tells your customers what you stand for as a business. For example, KFC’s ‘It's finger lickin' good’.

4. Other Options

a. Colour Mark: You can trademark a colour or a combination of colours. (Ex: Cadbury has trademarked the colour royal blue)

b. Sound Mark: Musical notes or sounds can be trademarked if we can prove that it's distinctive. Nokia has trademarked its tune.

c. Scent Mark: Even scents can be trademarked.

Why is Trademark?

          Why Is Trademark Registration Important? In Pakistan

Trademark registration is important and necessary for a business because:

    It showcases your unique identity
    It helps you build trust and loyalty among your customers
    It offers legal protection for your brand’s identity
    It is an asset in itself
    It prevents unauthorized usage of your brand’s identity.

Trademark Classes

          Trademark Classes In Pakistan

There are 45 trademark classes, and all the goods and services are categorized across these classes. You need to be very careful while picking the classes as it will determine the validity of your trademark for your business’ products/services. If your business operates across different goods/services that fall under different classes, you have to ensure that you apply for the trademark under all the applicable classes.

Some of the popular trademark classes in India are:

Class 9: which includes computer software and electronics,
Class 25: which includes clothing,
Class 35: which includes business management and advertising, and
Class 41: which includes education and entertainment.

If you are operating within these trademark classes, the competition for a trademark might be higher. However, that shouldn’t matter as long as your mark is unique.

How to Register?

       How to Register a Trademark With Sidekick In Pakistan

The process of trademark registration online is more complicated than it appears. It involves several processes and government follow-up. Sidekick has made it easier for you by breaking it down into three parts and doing most of the work. Register your trademark today to protect your company's logo, slogan, and brand.

Step 1: Trademark Search

Once you give us the basic information about what you want to trademark and the industry you operate in, our experts will do a thorough search across the trademark database. This is to check whether the mark you want to register is available or not.

Once you decide on an available trademark, we move to step 2.

Step 2: Class Selection and Document Collection

The next task is to select the appropriate class(es) for your business. You need not worry too much though. Our experts will guide you in selecting the right classes to cover all aspects of your business. Simultaneously, you can start uploading all the required documents (list given below) for trademark registration in your dashboard.

Step 3: Trademark Application Filing

Once you upload all the documents, our team will proceed to verify them. Then the trademark application form will be filled on your behalf and submitted along with the documents. Our team will ensure that your application is accurate and error-free.

We will keep you updated throughout the process and watch out for any notifications from the Trademark Registry until the registration is complete.

Congratulations! You can now start using the symbol ™ as the application has been submitted!

Step 4: Trademark Objection (in some cases)

Sometimes the examiner might have some questions about your application. This is sent to you as a trademark objection notice and you need to respond to it within 30 days. Our experts can craft a strong objection response and guide you in submitting the right documents and proofs.

Step 5: Trademark Opposition (in some cases)

There is also a chance for a third party to oppose your application. In that case, you must submit a counter-statement to the Registrar within 2 months stating why the opposition isn’t valid. Based on your response the Registrar may either dismiss the opposition or call for a hearing.

Trademark Objections

Trademark Objections In Pakistan

In some cases, the trademark examiner might see certain problems or issues with the registration of your trademark. These issues can be either the filing of an incorrect trademark form, incorrect name/details, the usage of deceptive or offensive terms, insufficient information on goods or services, or the existence of an identical or deceptively similar mark.

When an objection is raised, the status on the register will show as ‘Objected’, following which an expertly drafted response will need to be filed after an analysis of the objection itself and with any supporting documents and proofs. Objection response is your opportunity to strengthen the claim over your mark and create urgency.

If the response is accepted, the application will be processed further for registration and advertisement in the Trademark Journal. If it is not accepted, or if there are additional clarifications sought by the examiner, there could be a trademark hearing scheduled and this will be communicated to you by a notice.

The process typically takes 2-4 months from when the objection is first raised. Once completed, the chances for approval, while not guaranteed, are much higher.

Trademark Opposition

On the other hand, A trademark opposition is a legal proceeding in which one party attempts to put a stop to a trademark application from being granted. A trademark opposition is filed by third parties who feel your trademark could in some way impact them or their own trademark, in writing, in the form of a notice, with the trademark examiner. If the examiner sees any merit to the opposition, they are to forward the notice to the applicant, who is required to send in a counter statement to the Registrar within 2 months.

If the Registrar feels the counter statement addresses the opposition substantially, they may dismiss the opposition. Alternatively, if the registrar feels there is more to be weighed, they may call for a hearing with both parties appearing before them and presenting their cases. After the hearing, the Registrar will rule on the validity of either the application or the opposition. This ruling can be appealed before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board within 3 months of it being made public.

Documents Required

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Step by Step Process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Steps involved for  Trademark Registration in Pakistan are described in the below paras

Step 1:

In first step search for availability of  trademark is made , a detailed list of products to be covered by the trademark and at the same time make payment for trademark search.

Step 2:

IPO conduct the search and prepare search report and forward the same to the applicant or his authorized consultant.

Step 3:

If the search results indicate that the application is likely to be accepted, then following documents are required to be submitted:

    CNIC copy for individual
    Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate
    Trademark Registration Form (T-I) or  (T-2) ,whichever is applicable
    8 copies of clear reproduction of the Trademark (Word, Symbol,       Logo, 3D features etc.)
    Power of Attorney (POA)

Step 4:

Fess is deposited  through Pay Order in the name of “DG-IPO”.

Step 5:

Submission of application along with all required documents to any office to the IPO.

Step 6:

On receipt of application, initially trademark number is allotted to applicant. After obtaining trademark number “TM” can be written on the product or anywhere with the trademark.

After getting TM Number brand name becomes safe against any misuse or unauthorized usage by any party.

Step 7:

IPO officials perform examination and other procedures; if they have  no objection , then trademark is published in the trademark general.  Any person or company who has an objection that the applied trademark has resemblance to the trademark registered in his name may file opposition. However, if no opposition is filed by any party, then IPO issues the Certificate of Registration of Trademark.

Why Sidekick?

          Why Use for Trademark Registration?

Here is why you should choose Trademark for trademark registration:-

    We conduct a thorough search of the TM directory
    We prepare the authorization letter, so we can file for                              trademark registration on your behalf
    Our experts guide you with the classes you need to apply under
    We fill and apply with the Registrar
    We constantly provide you with updates until the registration       process is complete

    You get the best support throughout the process and all your       queries will be answered.


1.Prescribed application form TM-1/TM-2

2.8 clear reproductions of the sign, logo or Trademark, of any color, form or 3-dimensional features.

3.List of goods or services to which the Trademark would apply.

4.Power of Attorney if applied through an advocate / Agent.   

5.Pay Order / Bank Draft of prescribed fee for TM-1/TM-2 i.e. Rs. 3,000 in the name of Director General, IPO-Pakistan.(for updated fee structure visit "Fee & Forms" section)

6.The bank may ask for FTN of IPO-Pakistan which is 9010120-7

Initially Trademark is registered for 10 (Ten) years from the filing date. The Trademarks registration can be renewed after every 10 (Ten) years. 

1.It is advisable that a search may be made of the Trademarks Register to ensure whether there are any similar or identical marks on the Register. Search request can be filed on Form TM-55 with a Pay Order / Bank Draft of Rs. 1,000 for search of one mark in one class only.

2.After the search of the Register, application is made on Form TM-1/TM-2 for one mark in one class with pay order / Bank Draft of Rs.3,000.

3.Acknowledgement Receipt by the Trade Mark Registry is issued to the applicant within 10-15 days.   

4.Examination Report is generated after 3 months. If there are any objections on the applied trademark, they are communicated to the applicant immediately in the form of Show Cause.

Notice: The applicant is required to submit a reply within two months of the issue of Show Cause Notice.If there are no objections application is published in the Trade Mark Journal. If no oppositions are filed to the published application within two months of the publication date of the relevant Trademark Journal, the application stands accepted, and Demand Notice is then issued to the applicant requesting him/her to submit registration fee so that the registration Certificate may be issued. On the receipt of the Registration fee, the Registration Certificate is issued.

The Trade Marks Registry is located at Karachi. Complete postal address is as follows:

Plot # ST 1 & 2, New Broad Casting House (Ground Floor),

Behind KDA Civic Center, Block -14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,

Karachi- 75300, Pakistan

Telephone number:  +92 21 9923 0538.

Fax number: +92 21 9923 1001; and

email address  

Trade Mark application can also be filed at the following IPO Offices at Islamabad or Karachi or Lahore:

IPO Pakistan HQ's, Islamabad:

3rd Floor, NTC-HQs Building,

Attaturk Avenue (East), Sector G-5/2, 

Islamabad - Pakistan.

Tel: +92-51-9245830-2

Fax: +92-51-9245874.

Trademarks Registry, Karachi: 

Plot # ST 1 & 2, New Broad Casting House (Ground Floor),

Behind KDA Civic Center, Block -14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Tel:  +92 21 99230538.

Fax: +92 21 99231001


IPO-Regional Office, Lahore:

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building

11-Shahrah-e-Aiwan-e-Sanat-o-Tijarat (Near China Chowk), Lahore.

Tel: +92-42-99205850.

Fax: +92-42-99205855.

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