Virtual CFO Services

We offer highly experienced outsourced CFO’s at your disposal whenever you need them.

Virtual CFO services (sometimes called Fractional CFO services) allow you to get the benefit of a CFO without the associated fixed cost of a permanent employee.
You control when you need a Virtual CFO giving you the power of high-level financial management and advisory services without expanding your team.

How our vCFOs can help

Cashflow Modeling

We will define the low points and opportunity areas to more effectively manage your cash as a business.

Monthly Reviews

Video calls with your advisor and specific recommendations based on your business performance and goals.

Profit Margin Maximization

Are you charging enough given your expenses? We will review your current pricing to determine if your products or services are priced appropriately to maximize profits.

Capital Fundraising

Assist in the fundraising process to secure your business’s continued growth. We do this by collaborating on the preparation of the pitch deck with the leadership team and representing the financial expertise to investors and institutions.

Budget Planning

Will prepare a quarterly budget and measure performance against that budget to keep the business on track.

And More

Tailored support to address exactly what your business needs. Connect with an advisor today!

Our Process

We build customized plans to suit your needs.

Step 1: Free Consultation
Steps 2: Planning & Analysis
Step 3: Proposal
Step 4: Engage & Deliverables

We provide you with highly experienced CFO’s on a part-time basis. You decide how much time you need the vCFO and over what time period. You only pay for the time he/she spends with you. You decide on the remit and the vCFO’s objectives and deliverables.

Key Advantages of Hiring a vCFO

Cost think of a vCFO as a CFO on demand. Keep your fixed costs of a minimum as you scale and grow your business. You benefit from all the expertise of an experienced CFO when it is needed the most, without the additional cost of having an extra senior manager on your payroll.

Experience our vCFOs are not just entry-level / junior employees or freelancers. They each have 10+ years’ diversified experience working in different industries. This means you get someone who has the vision and foresight to help you navigate what lies ahead.

Flexibility you are not stuck with someone you don’t like or who doesn’t understand your vision, values and culture. You get the flexibility to find someone who clicks with you and your team.

Our CFO Experts Get It

Our CFO Advisors are serial entrepreneurs, fundraising experts, and business leaders. They understand your priorities, and how to get your business to its next milestone. We have a multitude of Experts on our team with diverse skillsets and experience in a variety of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sidekick?
Sidekick is an online platform that helps businesses (entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups and larger enterprises) find and engage business professionals. We call the service providers ‘Professionals’. For starters, we will be providing business legal services and expanding our service offering from there.?
What services does sidekick provides?
Currently business legal services. This includes corporate, commercial, finance, tax, property, intellectual property, employment, licensing and regulatory compliance.
Can i rate a professional and provide feedback?
Transparency is in our DNA. Experts are rated on Speed, Quality of Service and Value for Money. Testimonials will be uploaded to Professionals’ profiles with their consent.
Why should i use Sidekick
Sidekick is an innovative platform connecting businesses with Professionals. Our technology platform makes it easy to connect to, communicate with and engage Professionals/ Multiple Professionals can bid on a query and you can choose the most competitive bid.
How do i make an enquiry
Log in with your name and telephone number to create an account. Once your account is active, you can enter your query.